Practice Areas

Business & Investment

The Business & Investment department provides advisory services to both domestic and international clients on matters related to the development of their activities, with a particular focus on commercial law and corporate matters, alongside the supervision of various real estate transactions.

This team maintains constant coordination with the other teams at RFF Lawyers in order to add value to the decision-making process for clients, excelling in the following areas of activity:

  • Corporate transactions (company formation and statutory amendments)
  • Corporate group restructuring (mergers and acquisitions, divisions, asset contributions and due diligence)
  • Joint-ventures and consortiums
  • Corporate housekeeping
  • Investment funds
  • Corporate governance & compliance
  • Real estate investments (purchase and sale contracts, leasing, and other forms of property rights transfer, as well as due diligence)
  • Real estate asset management
  • Acquisition, development, and operation of tourism ventures
  • Licensing for the real estate and investment sector
  • Project and real estate asset financing

All Expertise

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