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الملف الشخصي

RFF و شركاؤه، لديها موقف استشرافي يساهم في تعزيز المواطنة و الأخلاق المسؤولة. فهي على سائر الأيام تدفع معاونيها و موظفيها و ممثليها و شركائها و مزوديها و زبائنها، لتقديم الدعم لمختلف المؤسسات و المنظمات المرتبطة بمشاريع اجتماعية.

RFF & Associados Creates Running Club

Rogério Fernandes Ferreira & Associados is committed to working for an active and responsible citizenship and, in order to boost physical activity and cooperation between all employees, customers and suppliers, supported the creation of a Running Club. Led by João Assis Cabeleira, ultramarathonist and Law firm's CEO, the new Running Club's main objective is to raise funds for different social causes chosen by the runners themselves. The creation of RFF Running Club is performed by Sportslab - whom the RFF & Associados has provided service in probono regime. The members of the new club will have access through the Sportslab and Running Club, the essential contents of the running activity, such as training, nutrition, hydration, injury, reviews, events, news and events.

Blood Donation Campaign

At a time when the Portuguese Institute of Blood has made several callings for blood donation to increase their reserves, RFF & Associados took the initiative of promoting a blood donation involving, not only their collaborators, but as well enterprises such as Aguirre Newman Portugal, BNI and Actelion. Owing to the success of this campaign, the relationship with the IPST will become regular, becoming RFF & Associados responsible of organizing two blood collecting campaigns per year. The IPST, I. P has to guarantee and regulate, in a national level, the transfusion and transplants medicine’s activity and make sure of the donation, collection, analysis, processing, preservation, storage and distribution of human blood, and other blood components, organ transplants, tissues and cells. It also has the mission of maintaining the National Center of Bone Marrow Peripheral Blood or Umbilical Cord Staminal Cells Donors (CEDACE).

سرير للطفل مساعدة

إن جمعية "" مساعدة السرير"" نشأت من وعي واضح بالمسؤولية الاجتماعية و الخيرية و روح المبادرة لبعض المواطنين في سنة 1998.
بالنسبة إلى الجمعية فإنّ الأولوية القصوى هي الدفاع و ضمان الحقوق الأساسية للأطفال المتعرضين لمختلف أنواع المعاناة. فهي لديها مجموعة متكونة من 18 مؤسسا و بيتين مفتوحين لخدمة 40 طفلا يعيشون تحت كرم كل الشركاء التجاريين و الاجتماعيين.
RFF و شركاؤه، دعمت هذه القضية و دفعت كل معاونيها و شركائها و مزوديها للمشاركة، و استطاعت جمع كمية كبيرة من التبرعات لهؤلاء الأطفال.

Hope4Moza Association

Currently, RFF & Associados provides a pro bono legal advice to the Hope4Moza Association, an association that supports children, youth and vulnerable families in Mozambique. Through this sponsorship, this organization allows children to attend support centers, to have access to food and access to education